Sunday, October 19, 2008

Envy and Withdrawls

Okay, I didn't even make it two days without finding an Internet connection to check emails.... THANK YOU ACE!!! I had nightmares last night about the (as the hubby puts it) corporate sabotage I did by leaving my former co-worker in charge upon my departure. And I now know that an upgrade to the home PC is a must after having spent 20 minutes online with the neighbor's sweet system. Tomorrow I'll find out just what I'm getting into at the new job and can't wait for the adventure to begin. One thing is certain, I must find a different phone or get a Blackberry of my own. Texting without a full qwerty keyboard just simply blows!

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Bryce and Adrian Hummel Family said...

No problem. You can use our internet whenever you need it. I hope you had a great first couple days at the new job and love it.