Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fiesty little fetus - week 22

We have officially entered the part of pregnancy where I am no longer the boss IN MY OWN BODY.  Don't get me wrong, it does come with good and bad but this week has been very eye opening in the "what will my baby be like" department.  She is already a very demanding little fetus who makes herself known and imposes her wishes whenever she wants.  Specifically, she does not like it when I sit in an upright or leaning forward position.  Whenever I try to (or forget!) she delivers some pretty nasty kicks and punches to my insides.  And they downright HURT!  The funniest part is when I adjust to accommodate her wishes she immediately settles down.  If it is any indication of the level of stubbornness or feisty attitude we are in for after she is born, we are in trouble.  More specifically, I think I am in trouble since she will be a fiery Aquarius - JUST LIKE ME!  I do love the active bonding that goes on with these clashes of wills but I hope it is not a foreshadowing of things to come.

I am still on the hunt for comfortable maternity pants but last weekend I visisted THREE stores and came away with - count them - ONE PAIR that were suitable.  And only because I bought a size too big and resigned myself to wearing one of those bella bands to hold them up.  I never thought I'd appreciate the old and ugly styles so much until I couldn't find anything in the new styles that work for me.  There's always more shopping trips but seriously, who has the time when I'm worried about knitting a baby blanket that might never be finished in time at the rate I'm going AND getting the nursery started?  At least I have enough pants to last all week now so my stress level has subsided ... a bit!  I'm still appreciating and taking advantage of my ability to sleep comfortably through the night and taking every day as it comes.  I am so healthy that hubby has been sick twice - a cold and strep throat - and my daughter had the flu (I like to tell people it was the SWINE FLU just to get their reactions!) and I am still fit as a fiddle.  I love being healthy and despite the fiesty fetus, am loving this stage of pregnancy!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ultrasound and baby bump discomforts - weeks 20 & 21

Last week marked my 20th week of pregnancy - the halfway mark, the much-anticipated ultrasound, the Holy Grail before the birth.  And what did I do?  I let it slip by without even blogging about it!  A testament of how crazy life has been.  The ultrasound was more comfort than anything else - seeing the baby and hearing that everything looked completely normal was wonderful.  My memories of the ultrasound from my firstborn are dismal - I remember feeling a total let down because we sat there all excited to hear everything and the girl just did her work saying little to nothing.  She even "forgot" to start the taping of the ultrasound until 2 minutes before we were done (back in those days it was VHS tape - how far we've come!).  This time was different - this tech explained everything we were seeing on the screen and told me what things were being measured, etc.  It is 100% for sure a girl - and I quote!  The ironic part is the "we" who got to see and hear all these wonderful things were not me and hubby but me and my sister.  She's single with no kids of her own and that morning when I learned the hubby couldn't get away from work to accompany me I thought of her.  She's the world's most doting auntie who lives for her nieces and nephews and the thought occurred to me that if expecting mothers are allowed only one person in the ultrasound room she had most likely never gotten to experience seeing one live and in person.  She was ecstatic even though it was extremely last minute and she met me there.  I was glad for the company and glad I got to share something so cool with her.  It is still so amazing to be able to see the baby moving around inside and describing doesn't do it justice.

This week, week 21, was marked with extreme discomfort in the baby bump arena.  I feel as big as a house (although I know I'm nowhere close to huge yet) and now look unmistakably pregnant - which is normal considering I'm 5 months along, right?  The discomfort that has begun to plague me is caused not necessarily from my growing uterus but from the clothes I'm trying to wear.  Let's be honest - I haven't done this in 8 years and back then there were two kinds of maternity pants - the ones that went all the way over the belly and the ones with that weird and hideous panel of stretchy material in the front.  These are both gone (thank god!) and when I first started needing more than the top button undone of my pants I embarked on purchasing a few basics to last me the duration.  I quietly collected a poll of all my friends who have done this more recently and the consensus was that everyone liked the "below the belly" pants best.  So, I armed myself with a pair of basic black pants, a pair of khaki's and a pair of jeans - enough to last me a week of work attire matched with several shirts that were cute and flattering.  The pants WERE comfortable... until this week when my uterus began protruding far beyond my pelvic bones and hips where the waistband now digs into it like a trencher digging holes for sprinkler pipe when I sit down.  And have I mentioned I sit all day at work?  Recipe for disaster and discomfort complete!  (Where are the comfy front panels now because I'd sure kill for a pair?!?)  The only relief I have is stretchy yoga pants as soon as I get home from work.  I have resigned myself to another trip of wasteful spending on maternity clothes that now I will only wear for 4 months total.  It is either that or endure my unborn child kicking all my internal organs trying to escape the trencher threatening to squish her since I can't go naked to work from the waist down.  I only hope I can find pants that fit AND that will last to the finish line this time!

The best news from this week is that, 5 months in, I've only gained 5 pounds.  The hunt (and debate) has begun for a middle name and here's hoping we have enough time to come to agreement in that arena.  I am now a walking cliche who spouts the evils of high fructose corn syrup and processed food and then consumes donuts and soda on a daily basis.  At least I don't crave pickles and ice cream or something nasty but the cravings are still there AND piss me off.  I'm enjoying being able to still sleep comfortably at night and am taking everything as it comes.  Here's to halfway done!