Thursday, May 14, 2009

Almost there

I have 3 days left of HCG injections and I can't believe it has seemed to fly by! I am happy to report I have not cheated once - NOT ONCE! It is not the easiest weight loss treatment due to the specific meals you must eat but with a bit of planning it really isn't impossible. I haven't been hungry, I don't crave sweets and carbs like I did at the onset, I have a ton of energy, I feel fabulous and my clothes are literally falling off of me now! 20 days in, I've dropped 21 pounds. With three more days to go, I'm thinking 25 isn't too lofty of a goal! With my first 5K under my belt (I had to walk it but I did it!) and an average of 13 miles a week of cardio, I'm ready to hit the ground RUNNING next week. It is like looking forward to a reunion with a long lost loved one you haven't seen in months.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just need to vent

It is no secret I loathe the location of my cubicle being on the aisle because I have zero patience when it comes to all the bullshit that happens in the hallway. Two things I overheard said as folks walked by today struck me as particularly notworthy for the way they portrayed the laziness of people I am surrounded by...

"I think we should be able to schedule naps everyday."

"I think I am going to read a book... I brought one today!"

Come on, people, REALLY? It is called "work" for a reason and in this economy, with hundreds of unemployed waiting in the wings who would kill for your job, you should PROBABLY be doing something to earn your keep. I hear reports from all over of companies trimming fat in the form of non-performers and await they day it happens at my place of employ!
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Wii thinks I am on crack

I jumped on the Wii Fit this morning thinking I should PROBABLY have some factual recordings for posterity of my weight loss efforts. Mostly to look back on and reinforce the NEVER AGAIN thoughts! So, it had been a while even before my first day with the HCG and truth be told I had been avoiding the little shithead with its fitness tips and questions about why my weight kept fluctuating the same damn 6 or 7 pounds. But, this morning it said " you've lost 10 lbs since last time" with my own imagined tone of incredulity. That's about right when factoring in the 6 lbs I gained at the onset of treatments. Yep, 16 lbs lost in 10 days. I am amazed everyday... It was then time to set a new goal with the little nazi and I stated 20 lbs in the next two weeks! After all, that's what I'm averaging now so what the hell, right? I was then met with the normally wise tip of making a realistic goal. Hah you little cheerful inanimate object - that IS realistic and I won't even need crack to do it!
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