About Me

I'm Terra - a hold-nothing-back kind of girl. Wife, mother of two, writer, yoga practitioner and sometimes runner who's always up for new adventures and ways to save the world. I'm an overachiever who hasn't met a project I can't manage with a spreadsheet or juggle with my full time job, family and normal adult responsibilities. I'm genuine to a fault and always say what I mean. I'm passionate about life and love living it out loud. I drink a lot of coffee and I swear like a sailor.

I've been blogging since 2008 when I started on a whim after I decided to do something about putting my lifelong 'someday' dream of being a writer into action. If I'm not working or with my family, you can generally find me either in front of my computer, reading/listening to a book, or doing yoga which I'm currently obsessed with and practice almost every day. On occasion I'm doing more than one of these things at the same time - usually with coffee.

Every November I take my already crazy life and bump it up a notch to participate in National Novel Writing Month where on top of everything else I do I attempt to write fifty thousand words in a month. Stick around, this joint is full of laughs and my crazy view on life as it unfolds.

If you want to learn even more random things about me, check out my 30-Day Blog Challenge under the label headings.

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