Thursday, March 26, 2009

Full Integration Bliss

OMG I thought I was addicted to the Blackberry before but it was nothing compared to what I have going on now... Before, I thought it was super neat to have access to email and internet anywhere and when I first acquired the new-to-me one I have now it was great but I had gotten over it so much it was like... Eh - especially since it wouldn't download all my contacts or my calendar and I still had to manage those on my PDA. The two days it took to finally figure out why it wouldn't sync with my Outlook calendar and contacts last week with my IT folks was painful but I didn't complain since it is a personal smartphone which they didn't have to support. And now that I am fully functional? I am like a drug addict who once in a while would smoke pot and then finds the joy of hard drugs... Or at least how I think that would feel like. I can blog from anywhere! I can be on Facebook all day! I can Twitter at a whim! All the things I couldn't do when my Blackberry was locked down to only work-approved things so I didn't know about and which are now at my thumb-tips blows my mind. I am one seriously happy and seriously addicted girl albeit more effective at those said addictions. I am rejoicing at all the free-time I will once more have available... Maybe I will get back to some serious writing again!
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Inconsiderate and oblivious

What, exactly, is wrong with people? We were at a local restaurant a few weeks ago and what I observed is still bugging me. So here I am with more ranting and raving. Normally our beef is with the service or the food - why is it SO hard to find good service in the food SERVICE industry? This particular night, however, we had a fabulous waiter who was attentive without being at our table too often. No, the beef this night was with two workers - I think you call them hostesses? - who stood right behind our table performing the menial task of wrapping napkins around utensils. I get that it is a mindless type of duty but if you are standing adjacent to customers trying to eat would you really be as mindless as these two who stood there talking loudly and bothering multiple tables around them who could hear every word? A normal person would probably notice the annoyed stares from the patrons but these two were totally oblivious and carried on for 10 minutes. I wonder though, is it me who is just abnormal and this is what "normal" has become? More often than not the majority of people around me are inconsiderate and oblivious to their impact on others far outnumbering those who are considerate and observant. Is this a type of social evolution similar to where we think nothing of walking around with a telephone attached to our ear and carry on conversations inconsiderately imposing our chatter to others around us where without the technology it wouldn't be expected? I know I pay attention more lately to how my behaviour is impacting those around me - although is doesn't seem to be the normal thing to do. What a shame...