Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On for the ride

Well, with or without the crystal ball, I've done it.... I applied for the job and we'll see what happens! I consulted my tarot cards (which were absolutely no help, thank you very much) and all my family and friends and in the end I am just going to go with the flow and ride it out. I haven't committed to leaving my current employment, but I will interview (I hope!) and find out if what they have to offer is any more appealing and whether I would be a fit for them, etc. I figure that if they can't pay me what I am making already or the job doesn't sound like as much fun as what I'm doing now, then I won't take it. And of course, how arrogant of me to just assume that I will be offered the position anyway, right? Never mind that they are clamoring for my application via my former colleague who works there now. It should prove to be entertaining in the very least....

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