Monday, January 14, 2013

Pause for a Winter Respite

I have not abandoned my blog... although it must appear as though I have, right?  No, I merely went on a twelve-day vacation.  TWELVE!  There is no better time to go to warm and sunny California than when Utah has single digit temperatures in early January.  I believe I am a genius for devising this plan and my family agrees right now.  Evidenced by the unanimous vote that Christmas TRIPS are better than Christmas GIFTS in the future.  I'll be back with tales of my life once I've unpacked and dealt with the post-vacation bomb that has gone off in my house.  You know the bomb I'm talking about - where everything you took and acquired on vacation gets toted in from the car and gets dropped in the living room.  Yeah, that happened yesterday.  And today my inbox at work had 799 unread emails waiting for me.  Sometimes I wonder if going on vacation is worth it.  And then I remember sitting on the beach with my sunglasses and a good book with my toes in the wet sand, or running on that same beach.  Hell yes, it was worth it!

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Kerstin and Jed said...

Glad you had a fun vaca!Cant wait to see the blog post about it :)