Sunday, March 27, 2011

If you want it done right, do it yourself...

I'm very unsatisfied with my day job right now.  I have a supervisor who is totally disengaged from the team and is making changes that don't make sense catering to the lowest performers at the expense of those of us who actually do the work.  Morale is so low, the only thing keeping me there right now are the amazing benefits and the fitness center which allows me to run during the workday.  Seriously, those two things.  Pretty shitty, I know.

Am I bitter because I didn't get the job when I applied for it a year and a half ago?  I thought so in the beginning but the candidate they hired over me can only earn my respect if he actually does a better job than I would have done at managing the team.  Which he hasn't.  I think almost two years is enough time to know for sure that he sucks.

So yeah, I guess I am bitter.  But do you blame me?

I'm coping by recommitting to my novel.  My good friend Christauna just got a publishing deal for her first book so I know it is possible.  And she learned everything in the same place as I did - our writer's group.  How cool that it started as a few people who wanted to write and started meeting to support one another in our efforts to learn the trade and now there's a real life published author in our midst!

I can't wait for the day that one of two things happen.  1) the idiot supervisor's plan results in a major system outage that puts his ass on the line and gets him fired (or worse, the technical lead decides she's had enough after 30 years); or 2) I get a publishing deal of my own and I can tell them to take this job and shove it so I can just be a writer!

In the meantime, instead of focusing on the negatives and all the bullshit where they are under-utilizing my skill set and hobbling me, the overachiever, with a job I can do with both hands tied behind my back and from which I currently get no job satisfaction, I will focus on how amazing it is to get paid my salary for doing very little and use the downtime and stress-free time to finish my novel.

We'll see how long that lasts...

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Unknown said...

A mention, I'm honored. You're the next one, I hope you do get that publishing contact next. Can I be there when you tell your boss to shove it?