Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Off the Wagon and noteworthy sightings

They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step... After cold-turkey and the ensuing Blackberry withdrawals from my very real habit, I have fallen off the wagon and have my very own little black beauty - I love eBay... - that I will never have to give back to an employer. The best thing is that being removed from the habit for a while I was able to break the Pavlovian cycle of addiction so far as I can tell. Now, isn't that what all addicts say? My own version of 'I can handle it', I suppose. My rationalization seems sound. I no longer have a job where I am required to monitor email 24/7/365 for notifications of system problems and can actually leave my work AT work where it belongs minus the few on-call shifts I have per month. Thus, my mentality about my Blackberry seems much more sane and grounded. I can go hours without pulling the thing off my hip and some nights it stays in my purse where I don't think a thing of it unless it rings. An addiction broken and a new and hopefully non-precarious balance has been erected. I feel so proud of myself! Of course, now I covet the iPhone and am waiting patiently until it is widely available on my wireless carrier of choice.... Ah, the irony!

On another note, I saw the funniest bumper-sticker I have seen in a very long time yesterday on my commute home. Some background is probably in order so the irony isn't lost on the crowd.... Up until about 3 years ago I had a seriously bad-ass Jeep Wrangler. It was lifted and I was always getting "fix-it" tickets because the tires stuck out too far and I refused to ruin it with sissy mudflaps. I had personalized license plates that read 4X4GIRL and the requisite "Jeeper" bumper sticker that reads "It's a Jeep thing... you wouldn't understand." I dare you to find a Jeep that doesn't have that saying posted on it somewhere and you'll have a pretty hard time of it. So, there's the setup. I'm driving home and I see this huge sticker that goes the entire width of the rear window of this stock white Chevy pickup and it says.....

"I got your Jeep thing... and now it hurts when I pee!!"

OMG it still makes me laugh! Of course, if I still owned my beloved Jeep I could never admit to appreciating this sticker but... I don't! So kudos to the creator because that is some seriously funny shit!


Brett said...

You put your phone in your purse now? If only you would've done that sooner. Would've saved me some embarassment.

Angel said...

I am anxiously awaiting the wider release of iPhone carriers too... for now, I have to settle with my iPod Touch, which is still a beautiful little thing. Constant connectivity would make it oh so much better. :o)