Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The phantom hand

Just when I thought I had figured out a way to deal with the insanity of my high traffic cubicle aisle - all hail the iPod playing very loudly in my ears - another anomaly has surfaced to drive me over the edge. The other day I'm sitting in my cube, working away, attempting to ignore the drivel of the two inconsiderate workers who just happened to stop right there to have a personal conversation and what do I see but a hand hanging over my cube. (reeee reeee reeee) I couldn't help but stare at it. It had hairy knuckles. It had a watch on a cheap band. I wanted to reach up and poke at it to warn the body attached that someone was on the other side of the wall. The hand still haunts me...

Other than the incredible diversity of people inhabiting the same floor as I do at work - which has really no bearing on what I'm doing there - I am truly enjoying my work at the new job. I have opportunity to grow and am working with old friends and new. And who can complain about a workplace that sets up multiple large viewing screens for the presidential inauguration yesterday and encouraged everyone to come to watch instead of killing the bandwidth in the building. It just doesn't get better than that!

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Kelvin Anderson said...

I feather on a stick could be a gentle reminder to the hairy hand, or a whack with a hairbrush...hmm.