Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Think you are above addictions? Think you don't have an addictive personality? I always thought that until I started taking a closer look at my life. Know what I'm addicted to? Coffee for one... which I'm trying to curb and replace with more healthy tea choices but is mostly a losing battle. The label "Possessions" covers just about everything else I'm addicted to. I am addicted to my Blackberry - don't think I could live without it even if it goes for days and weeks without actually ringing, I must have immediate and instantly gratifying access to my email. I'm addicted to books - if I didn't have a book in my purse and several more lying about the house to pick up on any given whim, I would think that life had come to a screeching halt. I'm addicted to movies - I don't watch much TV but man, take away my movie watching on either the big or small screen and I will be hurting. I'm addicted to my way of life - to think about leaving my home with all its quirks that I want to change or improve and I am sad. I'm addicted to the neighbors next door - knowing that their schedule is pretty much the same day after day and that I could walk outside and most likely find them in the yard to shoot the breeze with is pretty great and I wouldn't want to give it up. I'm addicted to the company of my husband and daughter - as much as I like to read which lends itself to a lot of alone time, if we are all home at the same time and don't interact I am sad. Goes to show that addictions are not just for hard drugs, cigarettes or alcohol anymore. What are you addicted to? Think hard... you may not like the answers!

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