Monday, August 15, 2011


Here I sit... That damn cursor blinking at me... and I can't figure out where the story goes from here.  So I thought 'what the hell, maybe blogging about it will help!'  Of course it is also cheating because that means I'm using today's allotted writing time for actual writing.  I've been kicking ass and taking names on the outline - who knew I'd be so good at it since I thought I was a discovery writer!  I've consistently been writing as planned - mostly.  Nothing goes one hundred percent right all the time.  And now I'm sitting here with a story that is three quarters roughed out.  I've got new characters I didn't know existed, new motivations I didn't know they had, lots of twists and tension... and now... yeah... I don't know exactly how they all get to the ending I see in my head yet.  Of course that ending has only been summed up in a single sentence up until now which is precisely the problem.  (And no, the sentence is NOT "They lived happily ever after" either, thanks for asking!)

I keep exploring possibilities but it all feels too cliche or anti-climactic.  I need another twist and I can't see where it will come from yet.  Nothing I've come up with has me inspired enough to even write down.  And no, blogging about it hasn't helped yet either.

Anyone out there in Internet land want to share their favorite twists on story endings so I can get my creative juices kicked into gear over here?  Please?  If not, I'll be forced to show up with no first chapter and no completed outline at writer's group next week.  And that will suck...

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Kerstin and Jed said...

I would be happy to try to help you come up with a twist but what is your story about?