Thursday, February 11, 2010

How could I forget?

Pregnancy sure does a number on you!  I had an ephiphany this morning proving just how intensely it can mess with even the basics of a mother's working mind. 

I had a really rough night with baby sister last night... I mean really rough.  She decided not to sleep in between her feedings and instead fussed for three hours while I tried to distract her with an intense action movie.  (Oh wait, that was me I was trying to distract so I didn't fall asleep with her in my arms.)  I dragged myself back out of bed after about 4 hours of sleep and wandered around the house in a stupor for several hours trying to will myself not to sleep the day away since I have a ton of things I wanted to do.  (And let's be honest, if I continue to sleep until noon how will I ever go back to work in a month?)  Several hours later, Daddy woke from his six-hour slumber (god night shift sucks!) and staggered into the kitchen for his daily cup of coffee. 

OH. MY. GOD!  I can drink coffee again!  Like, really drink coffee.  Like my pot-a-day habit might come in handy right now.  Why didn't I think of that sooner? 

Not only is lots of caffeine not great for baby in the womb, drinking it made me sick in the beginning of my pregnancy so I broke the habit quickly and effortlessly - while vowing to return to my beloved beverage THE MINUTE I WAS ABLE.  And it has been more than a week before I even thought of it?  WOW

Half a pot later, I feel like a new woman ready to head out on my first outing with two kids in tow - since we need more diapers, more wipes and more formula... ALREADY!  Who needs sleep when you've got the beverage of the gods, slightly sweetened with a touch of sugar?  Probably a good thing since HOLY SHIT that's a lot of laundry for such a little baby...

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