Wednesday, June 11, 2008

oh, is it too HARD?

What the fuck is up with people thinking that just because something might require some hard work on their part means that they just shouldn't do it? It is the most bizarre behaviour I have come across in years and I seem to be surrounded with these freaks! I want to scream at the top of my lungs: Are you or are you not an application developer who is being paid well to support an application and then want to complain about how much work all the projects are making you do and how you can't keep up with it all? Oh, and are you or are you not a project manager being paid probably more than I am for my system engineering job and then can't even put out minutes for your meetings that I'm required to attend and take up all of my time? Is this a professional company I work at or has everyone but me been taken over by the pod people? Case in point, I just sat in on an initial planning meeting for a project that half of the technical team CLEARLY doesn't want to do (poor babies!). Every high-level requirement that we were there to hammer out the tasks required to complete was met with a bombardment of rationalizing why we shouldn't do it because it was hard. HELLO FREAKS!!! Executive management has mandated that this shit be done in the next 3-6 weeks so quit your fucking bitching and get to work already!!!

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